2020 D1Softball Transfer Tracker


After one of the wildest starts to college softball, the season was cut short due to coronavirus concerns.

After two weeks of conferences announcing cancellations, the NCAA Division I Council approved a blanket waiver to give all spring sport athletes whose season was abruptly canceled by the COVID-19 pandemic an additional season of competition and an extension of their period of eligibility.

Programs are able to give scholarships to seniors up to what they were getting last season and not have it count against the 12 scholarships. However, if a senior/graduate wants to transfer, they will be countable towards the scholarship total of the new school. Programs also have the option to allow a senior back and put them on zero aid. That has naturally led some institutions to already announce they aren’t giving returning seniors any money, while others could potentially spend over $2 million dollars to retain their senior athletes.

With uncertainty facing the softball community, we are committed to tracking every transfer over the next few months.

As of Monday, April 6, 80 Division I players have entered the transfer portal, 22 of those being graduate transfers. Those figures are since the season was cancelled in early March, and does not include transfers from before that time.

UPDATED 9/18/2020: Fall 2020 Tracker accounts for players entering the portal as of September 1, 2020.

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