2021 D1Softball Top 25 Rankings: Oklahoma Makes Noise, Alabama and Oregon Gain Ground

Top 25
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One game was enough for UCLA to remain No. 1 in the D1Softball Top 25.

The Bruins welcomed Olympians Rachel Garcia and Bubba Nickles back to the field in a 7-0 win against Fresno State. Fueled by home runs from each of those superstars, the win was enough to hold the top spot after an opening weekend marked by cancellations across the country. 

Who made the most noise? Oklahoma did its best to put pressure on UCLA. The Sooners remain at No. 2 after setting an NCAA record with 13 home runs in their season opener and generally looking unstoppable through four games in El Paso, Texas. 

And where weather permitted, some teams did get enough time on the field to make moves in the rankings. Missouri climbs six spots to No. 17 after a 3-1 start that included a win at Florida State. And Duke is this week’s lone new entry after winning at LSU. 

The SEC leads all conferences with 10 teams in the Top 25. The Pac-12 is next with five teams, followed by Big 12 with four, the ACC with three, the Big Ten with two and the Sun Belt with one. 

The D1Softball Top 25 rankings are headlined by lead writers Rhiannon Potkey, Graham Hays, and Tara Henry.

Rank Team 2021 Record
1 UCLA 1-0  
2 Oklahoma 4-0  
3 Washington 5-0  
4 Arizona DNP  
5  Alabama 4-0  
6 Florida 2-0  
7 LSU 2-1  
8 Louisiana DNP  
9 Texas DNP  
10 Oklahoma State 2-0  
11 Oregon 5-0  
12  Florida State 3-1  
13 Virginia Tech 3-0  
14  Arizona State 4-0  
15 Missouri 3-1  
16  Mississippi State 2-0  
17 Arkansas 0-1  
18  Georgia 2-1  
19  Minnesota DNP  
20 Kentucky 3-0  
21 Michigan DNP  
22  Baylor DNP  
23 Tennessee 2-0  
24 South Carolina DNP  
25 Duke 4-0  

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