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D1Softball Analytics: Top 51-60 Pitchers


The Top 51-60 pitchers in the nation include an All-American, two major impact transfers and two freshmen.

What makes a pitcher exceptional? To identify those with the best performances, we have broken down pitching into three categories: Zone Control, Pitch Ability, and Durability. Zone Control is how well the pitcher controls the strike zone with strikeouts, walks, wild pitches and hit by pitch. Pitch Ability refers to the pitcher’s ability to pitch and uses statistics like WHIP, FIP and Opp SLG. Durability is largely based on innings pitched and batters faced.

No. 51 Gabbie Plain, Washington

Gabbie Plain leads off our next section of pitchers checking in at No. 51 in the nation. The Aussie hurler underperformed this season compared to her first two years at UW and still picked up 10 wins. How, you ask? The righthander boasts incredible Pitch Ability (95.39) leading the Huskies in wins (10), innings pitched (66), strikeouts (94) and saves (2). Her ability to limit big innings and spin the ball allowed her to be used as a starter and go the distance. The Aussie hurler earned her 50th career win on February 12th becoming the fastest Husky ever to 50 wins.

Our D1Softball pitching analyst, Nyree White,  on her ability:

“Gabby Plain is dominant vertically with both her drop and rise. Plain has true backspin and drop has true topspin, creating not just a huge amount of movement but break that is hard sharp and late. Her spin allows her to throw both out of the hand on a flat line, making it appear to the hitter that the two pitches are coming out of the tunnel and breaking in opposite directions at the last moment. What makes her exceptional is not just the quality of each movement pitch. Plain’s dominance is in how her pitches play off on another, how deceptive her delivery is, and the pinpoint command of this drop and rise on the inside corner.”

Check out Nyree’s analysis here.


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