D1Softball Field of 64 Projections: May 12

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With Selection Sunday just a few days away and the NCAA announcing the 20 potential host sites, we have updated our set of projections for the 2021 Road to Oklahoma City.

How the NCAA selection committee will weigh the Big Ten and the RPI accordingly is the biggest question mark in putting together the field of 64.

On Tuesday evening, the team met to discuss whether the committee would allow special dispensation, again, and after some debate the answer is still yes; hence Michigan staying as the overall No. 16 seed. Tennessee enters the national seeds at No. 14 as Texas drops out. We are sending the Longhorns to Eugene – all in good faith – as it has the potential to be an epic matchup at the Jane. Taking into account COVID-19 health concerns and typical regional travel, we put together a field based on what the committee would do if filling the bracket today.

The SEC lead our top 16 national seeds with six, followed by the Pac-12 with five, the Big 12 and ACC with two, and the Big Ten with one.

D1Softball Projected Field of 64: May 12
1. UCLA* (1)1. Michigan* (16)
4. CSUF*4. Youngstown State*
2. James Madison* 2. Kentucky
3. Delaware3. Miami (OH)*
1. Alabama (2)1. Oregon (15)
4. Fordham* 4. Weber State*
2. Virginia Tech 2. Texas
3. Troy 3. Mississippi State
1. Oklahoma* (3)1. Tennessee (14)
4. North Texas* 4. Texas Southern*
2. Texas State2. Duke
3. South Dakota State*3. Boston U*
1. Florida (4)1. Clemson* (13)
4. Canisus*4. Campbell*
2. Minnesota2. Auburn
3. South Florida 3. Villanova
1. Arkansas* (5)1. Arizona (12)
4. UMBC*4. UNC Greensboro*
2. Notre Dame 2. Georgia
3. Stanford3. Depaul*
1. Oklahoma State (6)1. Arizona State (11)
4. Saint Francis* 4. New Mexico State*
2. Wichita State* 2. Texas A&M
3. George Washington*3. Liberty
1. Florida State (7)1. Missouri (10)
4. Morgan State*4. SEMO*
2. UCF2. Northwestern
3. South Carolina3. Illinois State*
1. LSU (8)1. Washington (9)
4. Stephen F. Austin*4. Fresno State*
2. Louisiana* 2. Ole Miss
3. Baylor 3. BYU*

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Michelle Adams
Michelle Adams
1 month ago

I like this bracket.

Amy Mostella
Amy Mostella
1 month ago

as a south carolina fan. how are we in this bracket with a 26-26 record

1 month ago

JMU and Delaware are both CAA teams. 2 teams from same conf cannot go to the same regional. Also, Va Tech as one of stongest 2s won’t go to Bama. Duke or Va Tech will go to Tenn. The other will go west. Northwestern probably won’t be in. If so, they are NOT a 2 seed.

1 month ago

No way Oregon hosts and not Texas. There are a half dozen teams that can bus to Texas. None to Oregon

1 month ago

BYU should get a higher seed