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Japan All-Star Series Diary: Game Day!

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The USA Softball Women’s National Team is in Japan for the Japan All-Star Series at Azuma Stadium (Fukushima, Japan) and Yokohama Stadium (Yokohama, Japan). No. 2 Japan beat No. 1 Team USA 2-1 in the series opener on Saturday. Game 2 will take place on Sunday and the series finale on Monday.

Team USA and University of Tennessee assistant coach Chris Malveaux has been providing his insight throughout the stay:

Day 5

Made it to game day and it was exciting to get on the field and compete. It was a cool environment with a lot of fanfare. 

After warm-up and some BP out on the field, it was time for a little home run derby. It was cool to see the presentation and the build up from the fans.  We had an announcer as well with a lot of energy! Baylee Klingler and Grace Lyons represented us in the derby against two of Japan’s hitters. Both teams put on a show and it ended up in a tie. The energy was up in the stadium – it was such a cool moment.

Grace Lyons celebrates after the home run derby

Shortly after the derby, the governor addressed the fans, there were lineup introductions, and national anthems for both teams. Then, the moment finally came … Game time!

The outcome wasn’t what we wanted on the first night, but it was great to get out on the field and compete against them. We lost 2-1, as we couldn’t get that hit to break thru against their lefty, Goto. We are ready to get back out there for Game 2 and look to even the series.

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