Northwestern has mastered the art of lefties (NU photo)


Lefthanded Expansion Lifts Northwestern


(In conjunction with D1Softball’s Top 50 Programs of the last decade project, staff writer Rhiannon Potkey will be providing an inside glimpse at a few of the programs and what’s helped make them successful. From unique traditions to milestone moments to program-changing players, all different angles will be explored)

In her first 17 seasons at Northwestern, head coach Kate Drohan never had a lefthanded pitcher on her roster. Now, she can’t imagine playing another season without one.

Credit the change to hiring a national championship lefty to lead her pitching staff.

Michelle Gascoigne arrived at Northwestern in 2015, and noticed a key element was missing from the bullpen. Although only about 10 percent of the world’s population is lefthanded, Gascoigne figured at least one southpaw pitcher would have worn a Northwestern jersey in the previous two decades.

“I was a little shocked actually. How does that happen?” Gascoigne said. “But I think now that catches my eye out recruiting because I want that balance. There are more and more on the recruiting trail now it seems. It’s fun to think about the matchups you will see in the Big Ten when you have them.”



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