Love’s Travel Stop Gifts Oklahoma $9 Million For New Ballpark

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Love’s Travel Stop announced it will gift the Oklahoma Softball program $9 million to help build a new home for the five-time national champions.

The University of Oklahoma announced the historic gift from Loves alongside renderings of the new field slated to be constructed just down the road from the current stadium. 

Loves is also challenging other donors to contribute to the project by matching every other donation dollar for dollar for up to an additional $3 million dollars. 

This is a huge step in the right direction for the sport of softball and an even bigger step for women’s sports. 

Per the Oklahoma Softball press release, “Once fulfilled, the match will result in a total gift $12 million from Love’s, which is the largest philanthropic gift toward a female specific sport program in OU Athletics history” 

The Sooners’ fearless leader, Patty Gasso, appeared on local Channel 9 to speak about the historic gift. 

“It’s a dream it’s called the Love Field. It’s all about family.”

The new field will double the seating capacity to accommodate 3,000 fans and the total footprint of the facility increases from 15,150 sf to 44,000 sf. 

“Love is empowering women top reach an absolute pinnacle of achievement while inspiring the next generation to look to the future with the biggest dream. As we see at a moment like this, dreams really do come true.”

Love Field anticipated opening for the 2024 season, the same season the Sooners are slated to join the SEC.