D1Softball’s 2020 Memorable Moment Madness Tournament – South Region (2nd Round)

Memorable Moment Madness

Eight teams from the South Bracket made it to the second round and eight teams went “home”. The South Bracket was “all chalk”, zero upsets. Now the voting is opening for the South Brackets from Tuesday at Noon EST to Thursday at Noon EST.

Remember, your not voting on the top teams, rather the Most Memorable Moments! There are four (4) ways to vote on your favorite moments from the 2020 season:

  1. The D1Softball website (Open for 48 hours)
  2. Twitter: @D1Softball (Open for 24 Hours)
  3. Instagram Stories: @_D1Softball (Open for 24 Hours)
  4. Facebook Stories: D1Softball (Open for 24 Hours)


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