Oklahoma’s Juarez On The Road To Recovery


Oklahoma ace Giselle “G” Juarez had pitched through pain before, but this felt different. The medical professionals thought it may just be tendonitis, and the MRIs were largely inconclusive. But Juarez knew something more serious was wrong with her left throwing arm. 

After appearing in the circle for 6.2 innings in February, the senior All-American realized she needed to shut it down for good. She wasn’t even close to pitching her best, and everyone could see she was struggling.

Juarez decided to have surgery in March right before the 2020 season was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. During the procedure, the surgeon discovered Juarez had suffered a tear of her bicep tendon near the elbow.

“It was kind of a relief in a way because it made me feel like I wasn’t crazy,” Juarez said. “It was nice to know what I was feeling wasn’t less than what I felt. I didn’t want it to happen, but I knew it wasn’t just tendonitis.”

Although Juarez could never have anticipated it, the timing of the surgery was ideal because of the health pandemic. Elective procedures were pushed back at most hospitals once the virus started to spread and threaten medical resources.


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