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Pitching Analysis: Cat Osterman, The Spin Master


Why is Cat Osterman so hard to hit?
For one, her pitches are filthy. Her drop is her signature pitch, but what sets her apart is her mastery of spin and location on all of her pitches, using them to make the dropball even more dominant. With true spin on her curveball, changeup and riseball, she can pair these different planes and speeds with the drop.
The overlay here of her curveball and changeup show how long the two pitches stay on the same path to the plate before diving apart. Tunneling them this way is incredibly deceptive, forcing hitters to guess and commit to the swing early.
But even more than her mastery of spin is her uncanny ability to read hitters and attack the zone strategically. Cat has a sixth sense for when she can get called strikes in the zone and when she can bait a swing on a pitch outside of the zone. It is pitching at its very best.

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