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The D1Softball Podcast – Season 3 with Skylar Wallace


In this season’s 31st episode, Tara Henry and Gray Robertson get you ready for the thirteenth week of the season.

The duo recap the twelfth week and chat about the latest movement in the this week’s Top 25 rankings, plus some of the biggest plays from the weekend.

This week’s episode features Florida junior Skylar Wallace as the infielder has posted video game type numbers with the No. 22 Gators.

Season 3 Episode by Guests: Heather Tarr Trisha Ford | Kelly Kovach Schoenly | Grace Lyons | Amanda Lorenz | Craig Snider | Tyra Perry | Mike White | Patrick Murphy | Rhonda Revelle | Sharonda McDonald-Kelley | Megan Bartlett | Jordan Clark | Stephanie VanBrakle Prothro | Kirk Walker | Rodney DeLong | Kate Drohan | John Rittman | Aileen Morales | Samantha Ricketts | Meg Aronowitz | Patty Gasso | Glenn Moore | Monica Abbott | Kelly Ford | Alex Storako | Jen Schroeder | Kayla Braud | Chelsea Spencer | Kathryn Sandercock | LIVE from the WPF Draft | Reese Atwood

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