The Road to Oklahoma City starts here.


D1Softball’s Top 10 Plays – Week 1

D1 Interactive

The top plays from the opening weekend of the 2022 D1 season. Follow all the action & tag us using #D1Top10 throughout the entire year.

No. 10 Fresno State’s Mattson lays out to save a hit & a run

No. 9 Grand Canyon’s Nicoletti says NOPE during a tie game in the T7

No. 8 UNC’s Middleton reflexes are already in midseason form

No. 7 LSU’s Pleasants comes out of nowhere with the snag at short

No. 6 Arizona State’s Acuna shows off her range in right

No. 5 Minnesota’s DenHartog bounces off the wall

No. 4 Washington’s Willis straight up robs a homer

No. 3 Georgia Tech’s Sileo makes a pair of show-stopping plays at short

No. 2 FSU’s Kalei Harding doubles it from right

No. 1 UCF’s Doherty walks it off in extras on opening day in front of a record crowd


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