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Pitching Rules, but Jessi Warren Tops Week 1 Draft

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Rachel Garcia has the AUX title, but former college teammate Megan Faraimo was the first pitcher off the board in Athletes Unlimited’s Week 1 draft ahead of the championship season. 

But all of the pitchers, and there were a lot of them on the move in the early rounds, took a backseat to Jessi Warren. Reigning AU champion and team captain Dejah Mulipola selected the third baseman with the No. 1 overall pick in Monday’s draft. 

The championship season marks the main event on the AU calendar, a five-week competition with 60 players spread across four teams. Team captains draft new rosters each week, and each team plays games Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Week 1 captains were determined by the best 2022 scores among returning players, leaving Mulipola, Alyssa Denham, Haylie McCleney and Shannon Rhodes, respectively, in charge of assembling teams in Rosemont, Illinois. 

The only pitcher among the captains, Denham selected infielder Hannah Flippen with the second overall pick. McCleney then took Faraimo, leaving Garcia for Rhodes. 

Garcia won the short-season AUX competition (further shortened when rain washed out the final day of gams). Faraimo finished 19th but impressed with the best showing by a true rookie. 

All four captains selected pitchers with their second picks, when the selection order reversed: Brooke Yanez (Rhodes), Georgina Corrick (McCleney), Peyton St. George (Denham) and Taylor McQuillin (Mulipola). 

One of the league’s newest and most recognizable names came off the board at the start of the third round, Mulipola selecting former Florida State All-American Kathryn Sandercock. 

Among notable players returning for the championship season after sitting out AUX were Sierra Romero (McCleney), Sydeny Romero and Bubba Nickles (Rhodes), Gwen Svekis and Erika Pianastelli (Denham) and Kelsey Harshman (Mulipola). 

Complete draft results are below: 

Team Mulipola

PlayerPosition2022 AU Rank2022 AU Points
Taylor McQuillinP361074
Kat SandercockPRookieDNP
Aleshia OcasioP161346
Carrie EberleP261204
Dejah MulipolaC11782
Sashel PalaciosC341102
Tori VidalesCIF101492
Nadia TaylorCIF291152
Sydney McKinneyMIFRookieDNP
Kelsey HarshmanMIF231260
Abby RamirezMIF221268
Jazmyn JacksonOF351092
Megan WigginsOF43990
Madi HuskeyOFRookieDNP

Team Denham

PlayerPosition2022 AU Rank2022 AU Points
Alyssa DenhamP21720
Peyton St. GeorgeP321126
Odicci AlexanderP311136
Haylie WagnerP55764
Gwen SvekisC141426
Erika PiancastelliC151424
DJ SandersCIF131434
Kelsey Stewart-HunterCIFDNPDNP
Frankie HammoudeCIFRookieDNP
Hannah FlippenMIF171340
Anissa UrtezMIF251246
Josie MuffleyMIFRookieDNP
Amanda LorenzOF91514
Morgan ZerkleOF381046
Nicole MendesOF271200

Team McCleney

PlayerPosition2022 AU Rank2022 AU Points
Megan FaraimoPRookieDNP
Georgina CorrickPDNPDNP
Mariah MazonP47960
Myka SutherlinPRookieDNP
Mia DavidsonC211280
Gianna BoccagnoCRookieDNP
Sam FischerCIF71562
Danielle GibsonCIF181336
Sierra RomeroMIF52848
Sis BatesMIF411024
Rachel BeckerMIFRookieDNP
Haylie McCleneyOF31650
Victoria HaywardOF201302
Caroline JacobsenOFRookieDNP

Team Rhodes

PlayerPosition2022 AU Rank2022 AU Points
Rachel GarciaP81558
Brooke YanezPRookieDNP
S. Littlejohn-WatkinsP44986
Shannon SaileP49898
Jordan RobertsC58690
Taylor EdwardsC48924
Sydney RomeroCIF241252
Lilli PiperCIF44986
Aly HarrellCIF411024
Aubrey LeachMIF121450
Caleigh CliftonMIF191312
Andrea FillerMIF371070
Shannon RhodesOF61564
Aliyah AndrewsOF54820
Bubba NicklesOF301144

Week 1 Schedule


  • Team McCleney vs. Team Denham, 7 p.m. ET, ESPN2
  • Team Mulipola vs. Team Rhodes, 9:30 p.m. ET, ESPNU


  • Team Rhodes vs. Team Denham, 2:30 p.m. ET, ESPN+
  • Team McCleney vs. Team Mulipola, 5 p.m. ET, ESPN+


  • Team Rhodes vs. Team McCleney, 12 p.m. ET, ESPN2
  • Team Denham vs. Team Mulipola, 2:30 p.m. ET, ESPN+

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