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Japan All-Star Series Diary: Spicy Ramen and Fukushima Festival

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The USA Softball Women’s National Team is in Fukushima, Japan for the Japan All-Star Series, which will take place Aug. 6-8. No. 1 Team USA is playing No. 2 Japan in a three-game series held at Azuma Stadium (Fukushima, Japan) and Yokohama Stadium (Yokohama, Japan).

Team USA and University of Tennessee assistant coach Chris Malveaux will be providing his insight throughout the stay:

Day 3

A group of us decided to head to the train station area that has a lot of cool shopping areas around it. There was everything from convenience stores to stores that are similar to our dollar stores to department stores. After walking around the area and experiencing the different stores, we decided to go to a small restaurant that serves ramen noodles. This is totally different from the small package dry noodles and I remember from college. We got a plate of Gyoza to share, and a couple of us got a certain bowl of ramen. Not sure what I was thinking, but I decided to go with the spicy ramen (picture included). If I were to compare it to anything, it reminded me of gumbo that I’ve eaten down in Louisiana. The ramen tasted incredible, but after about five or six minutes of eating the spicy dish, it started to sneak up on me. I finished it all but not without a little face sweat.

In the afternoon, we had practice. Though it had been raining off and on during the day, we had a good enough window to get outside and get some work done. I know I said it earlier, but it’s fun to watch these athletes get after it. They are settling in as well and working well together. It is a fun group to be around! 

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